Food is fuel. Food is Medicine. Maybe you have heard those cliché phrases, but do you know which foods truly live up to that reputation? Check out these veggies with awesome health benefits…

  • Spinach- One cup of raw spinach provides 56% of your daily vitamin A needs and your entire daily vitamin K requirement. All for only 7 calories! Check out the Veggie Lovers or Gianni’s Fav salad or wrap to load up on spinach.
  • Carrots- They are high in beta-carotene, which can turn into vitamin A in the body. They are also high in vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. Check out the Florida Gentleman or Thai salad or wrap to get a healthy serving of carrots.
  • Red Cabbage- Raw red cabbage contains fiber and Vitamin C. Some studies show that it may decrease blood cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart and liver damage. Check out the Florida Gentleman or Thai salad or wrap which include red cabbage.
  • Broccoli- A cup of raw broccoli provides more than the recommended daily vitamin K and vitamin C requirements. Studies show that broccoli contains a compound that helps prevent cancer growth. Eating broccoli may also help reduce the risk of chronic disease by protecting against oxidative stress. Check out the Build Your Own option for just $6.99 and pile it high with broccoli.


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