Back to School Lunch Ideas

Whew! Just like that summer is winding down. Soon families will be back to the scheduled grind of life with alarms ringing in the morning and oh….lunchboxes to pack for school!

What are some lunch Ideas for kids?

If you took the summer off from packing lunches and are wondering how to get your kids back into a healthy eating groove, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for some back to school lunch ideas.

Like most parents, you likely have a picky eater in the family. BUT, here are some solutions that will hopefully end any tantrums around eating healthy food. 😃

Let kids participate in choosing veggies.  We’ve see firsthand here at Toss that letting kids choose their own ingredients to build their own salad makes them actually want to eat it! They love everything in their bowl! So, with the same concept in mind, take your kids grocery shopping (and stick to only the outer edges of the store where whole and healthy food options are). They will feel involved and have a sense of control. Eating more healthfully won’t feel like a forced thing for them.

We’ve seen firsthand here at Toss that letting kids choose their own ingredients makes them want to eat it!

Be sneaky! Mix veggies into your kid’s favorite dishes such as stir fry and pizza. Puree veggies into a creamy soup that you know they like. Hide the veggies by rolling them up with meat and other flavors in a wrap.

 In fact, at Toss Salads & Wraps, you can make any salad into a wrap. It’s an excellent option for kiddos! I always enjoyed a wrap more than a traditional sandwich when I was a kid.

We have over 200+ ingredients to choose from to make a balanced meal. 

Why not stop by to build a salad or wrap and put our theory to the test! Our portions are large, so a salad or wrap can be divided up among many kids or spread out for a couple of days! 

Thai chicken wrap

Iceberg, romaine, tomatoes, edamame, red cabbage, shredded carrots, lo mein noodles, and peanuts with Thai dressing.

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